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MASWITE is the brand name of our white masterbatch based on Rutile titanium Dioxide and is used for coloring plastics such as HDPE, LDPE LLDPE, PP, Polystyrene. It can be applied to various fabrication processes in Film/sheet extrusion, Blow, Injection molding, Thermo forming and last but not least laminating process.

MASWITE is produced in pellet/granular form with diameter of 2-3 mm which is suitable for blending with other plastics materials to ensure good dispersion. Carefully selected raw materials and additives with our advanced technology are used in our manufacturing process to ensure good quality white masterbatch.



JET BLACK is the brand name of our Black masterbatch and is used for coloring plastics such as HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PS, EVA etc.

JET BLACK is produced in pellet (granular) form because of its ideal characteristics of good disperson, non-dusting and better blending to improve productivity. We ensure a high quality product by using carefully selected raw materials and advanced technology in our manufacturing process.


solid color

JET BLACK & MASWITE are designed to make your color stand out and high performance masterbatches for use in all segment of plastics conversion indusrtry.


professional color

JET BLACK & MASWITE masterbatches can be tailor made for individual customer's needs. All masterbatches and compound are manufactured and supplied in dust-free regular pellet form to offer customers ease of handling, and to avoid problem of contamination and ensure a safe and clean environment.


in between color

with our experience in design, development and commercialisation of product for the plastics conversion industry we offer not only black and white, but also in-between color.

Black & White are strong, and grey as a in-between color is a favorite choice as same as clear or other in-between colors. We offers black, white, grey and additive masterbatches as well as well as conductive compound marketed respectively the trademarks JET BLACK & MASWITE.


the beauty color

JET BLACK & MASWITE, meet the strong and beauty colors, performance is about accountability, targets, metrics and then tracking execution.